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From 209 to 143 & Back In My Skinny Jeans At 53 With A Delicious Blue “PM Tonic”

By Pamela J. 53 from Omaha, NE.
Hi, I’m Pamela, and I’m 53 years old.

I am writing my story here because I am so proud of myself that I was able to lose 66, quite simply by drinking this delicious blue “PM Tonic” each evening!
It all started when menopause hit…

I know my bestie put on a few as she went through it.

I just wasn’t ready for the constant battle I would have to face to stay in shape... even though it had never been a problem before.

It only dawned on me how bad things had become when my doctor told me I could be at risk of a heart attack or stroke.

I wasn’t very active, so it shouldn’t have come as much of a shock.

But alarm bells started ringing as my mother almost lost her life from a heart attack 2 years ago because of her size… So you can imagine how scared I was.

I began making small manageable changes like reducing my portion sizes, eating fewer snacks, and I even tried a few workouts.

But even with my life on the line, I was getting so stressed I couldn't stick to them, and I started to comfort eat.

I knew this was going against everything my doctor told me, but I would always find a way to justify it.

Not to mention, I started to despise going to the gym as everybody would always stare at me…

And then late one evening, I saw a video of a woman slightly older than me sharing her story of how she lost 80 just by drinking this blue “PM Tonic”.

But I had my doubts!

However, it just so happened that the very next day my colleague told me she had dropped 3 dress sizes by drinking the same “PM Tonic”.

So I decided to try it out for myself.
But just to be sure, I consulted with my doctor…

I shared the ingredients with him, and he reassured me it would be a great option for me to try.

And that’s exactly what I did!

The first night I slept through the WHOLE night, which I hadn’t done in years!

In fact, I woke up the next morning full of energy and without any urges to snack between meals.

The first thing I noticed was the pinch disappearing from my waistband and before I knew it, my pants were so loose they were falling down...

All while eating my favorite foods and not exercising at all.
Finally, I was making progress! Which gave me a big confidence boost and allowed me to regain control over my old eating habits.

I’m feeling incredible, my skin is getting tighter, and my husband says I have my glow back.

I lost a total of 66, going from 209 to 143, and can wear my skinny jeans from my 30s again!
As you can see, my body has completely changed, and I’m loving my new figure!

But that’s not the only thing that’s changed…

My mind feels sharper and I don’t get brain fog anymore. Even my boss has noticed my speedy responses to his questions. He even hinted at a promotion last week!

I truly believe everyone should try this “PM Tonic” as it was a huge help for me!


I just want to thank you for taking the time to read about my journey. And I would like to encourage you and let you know that it is now YOUR TIME and YOUR TURN.

You have taken care of everyone else and now it's time to take care of YOU.

It’s time to take back control of your body, improve your health, get your confidence and energy back and make your next chapter the best chapter!

Let us break the old paradigm of “this is what happens as I get older”.

Our lives should improve as we age.

And they CAN!

I've lost over 100 pounds in the past 6 months, without even trying!

Our bodies are designed to work this way (by nature!).

We just need to give them a little push in the right direction.

Start your own journey today by clicking the link below and watching the video. 👇

I know You got this.

Supporting Your Journey,

- Deborah

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